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Tesla Sued Again In Texas

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

Tesla has once again been sued in Texas. The car manufacturer has faced multiple lawsuits in the past, and most of these controversies revolve around the company’s infamous “Autopilot” technology. Although self-driving cars are undeniably the way of the future, many questions have been raised about the viability of this technology. Even greater questions… Read More »


How Can Businesses In Texas Avoid Covid Lawsuits?

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

Texas businesses find themselves between a rock and a hard place with Covid lawsuits. On the one hand, an executive order is preventing them from mandating Covid-19 vaccines for their employees. On the other hand, they are being sued by their employees for allowing them to contract Covid-19 in the workplace. This has been… Read More »


Onewheel Companies Are Facing Numerous Lawsuits

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

If you’ve been walking around West Texas recently, you’ve probably seen a few people riding so-called “Onewheels.” As the name implies, these are futuristic, skateboard-like devices with a single wheel. The rider appears to float while balancing on the single wheel, and these products have proven quite popular among people of all ages. However,… Read More »


Randel V. Travelers: What It Means For Texas Insurance Companies

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

One of the most recent and noteworthy insurance lawsuits in Texas was Randel v. Travelers Lloyds of Texas Ins. Co. Having been wrapped up this August of 2021, the outcome of this case has considerable implications on the insurance industry as a whole here in the Lone Star State. If you are running an… Read More »


Texas Woman Sues Starbucks For Hot Coffee

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

To the average onlooker, it might seem like corporations are often sued for the most trivial things imaginable. It might seem unthinkable that these lawsuits could actually be successful, especially when plaintiffs are suing corporations for accidents that were seemingly unpreventable – or caused by their own carelessness. However, corporate insiders know that these… Read More »


Can Pet Food Companies Be Sued In Texas For Injuries To Animals?

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

Pet food is a major industry in Texas. Numerous pet food companies are headquartered in the Lone Star State, and many others operate manufacturing facilities here. More people own pets than ever before, and the pet industry as a whole is one of the fastest-growing on the planet. However, pet food companies should be… Read More »


Addressing Insurance Fraud After Hurricane Nicholas

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

We all know that Tropical Storm Nicholas has damaged many homes and affected the lives of many innocent people. Many people filing homeowners’ insurance claims after this disaster are entitled to a fair, adequate settlement. Unfortunately, there are always those who use natural disasters as an excuse to commit fraud. Insurance companies are the… Read More »


Cybersecurity Insurance: The Latest Frontier

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

The insurance industry is constantly changing. New technologies emerge, and with those new technologies come new risks for average businesses in Texas. Cybersecurity is a growing concern across the world, and increased attacks have led many companies to explore options to protect themselves. One of the newest developments in the insurance industry is cybersecurity… Read More »


Facebook Can Be Sued For Sex Trafficking, According To Texas Supreme Court

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

Like so many other big tech companies, Facebook is no stranger to lawsuits. Under the leadership of tech oligarch Mark Zuckerburg, the company has come under fire for a wide variety of reasons over the years. But even the most eccentric conspiracy theorists were probably a little surprised when Facebook was linked to sex… Read More »


3M’s Military Earplug Lawsuit Explained

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

One of the biggest product liability lawsuits we’ve seen in recent years is 3M’s class-action lawsuit over defective military earplugs. Hundreds of thousands of veterans have taken legal action against 3M for these earplugs, which plaintiffs claim were defective. After a long and rocky road, the first official trial began in 2021. This allowed… Read More »

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