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Category Archives: Family Law


Addressing Alcohol Abuse in Custody & Visitation Determinations During the Pandemic

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

At least half of all US children are currently participating in distance learning programs, where they are participating in school from home all day. For many (typically) younger-aged children, this means that at least one parent has to be home with them in order to guide their instruction, and if that parent is working… Read More »


How Child Sexual Abuse Allegations Are Treated in Texas Custody Cases

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

As family law litigators who practice here in Texas, one of the most difficult topics we come across in some of our cases involves allegations of child sexual abuse in custody battles. These issues inevitably cause a significant amount of pain and concerns for families who have to deal with them, regardless of the… Read More »


Embryo Disputes in Texas Family Law

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

As more and more individuals delay having children and starting families, and reproductive technologies such as IVF contribute to more than one million babies being born within the last 30 years or so, embryo disputes have also become more and more common in family law because the law sometimes has difficulty keeping up with… Read More »


Addressing Dissipation of Marital Assets in Divorce

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

For a number of couples, a pending divorce will unfortunately fail to be amicable, and instead end up being complicated, especially if it involves a battle over finances. In some of these cases, dissipation of assets becomes an issue, whereby some people start to engage in excessive spending on extravagances, such as providing large… Read More »


Child Custody Determinations & Litigation When Parents Live in Different States

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

As attorneys who assist clients with family law issues here in Texas, we frequently assist clients with child custody, which is one of the most difficult issues that we come across, especially when two parents live in different states. This comes up more frequently than you might expect, especially as more and more people… Read More »


Divorce Can Significantly Impact Your Business Unless You Act

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

If you own or co-own a business, divorce can have a significant impact on your business and anyone and everyone connected to it. In addition to disrupting your day-to-day operations, it can interfere with business operations by not only taking time away from your work, but also by requiring that a significant amount of… Read More »


The Secretive World of Shielding Wealth & Hiding Assets in High Net Worth Divorces

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

An increasing issue in high value complex divorces involves the issue of some spouses relying on out-of-state trust protection laws to shield assets from the estate and ensure that they are not considered community property in the instance of divorce. This happened to one highly-publicized Texas couple, the Bosarges, leaving Marie Bosarge with fears… Read More »


Divorce Requests Surge During the Coronavirus: What You Can Do During This Time

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

There is no question that the coronavirus has presented individuals and families with a number of challenges, especially when it comes to family law issues. Not only are some already-divorced parents running into significant new child custody challenges in trying to figure out best to honor their visitation schedules while also keeping their children… Read More »


Figuring Out Custody Issues When Two Parents Are Unmarried

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

As family law attorneys who serve clients here in Texas, we not only receive questions from clients who know that they want to pursue a divorce, but also from clients who are unsure about what they should do; specifically, if they should leave the father of their child, and how they should prepare beforehand… Read More »


How Parental Alienation Affects Child Custody in Texas

By Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. |

Parental alienation is one of the most serious issues involved in family law issues, and one of the most difficult ones that we deal with as attorneys who help clients with child custody issues here in Texas. One spouse badmouthing the other parent out of spite and/or in an effort to get the children… Read More »

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