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The “Last Straw” Before Divorce, And What Might Surprise You


As attorneys who practice family law here in Texas, we assist many clients who are going through divorce each year. A number of these couples describe their need for divorce as a “last straw” situation, whereby the culmination of a series of issues makes someone realize that it is more painful to stay in the marriage than leave.

Below, we discuss some aspects of “last straw” divorces that, according to the experts, may surprise you:

It Is Frequently Spontaneous & Unpredictable

In many divorce situations, the individual who has decided that it’s ‘the last straw’ often does not realize it until the exact moment that it comes up. For many, it can be very difficult to predict at what point you might leave, and what will dictate your emotions when the moment comes. As a result, the other party sometimes feels blindsided–where ‘the last straw’ often feels like it comes from out of nowhere–because it can involve the culmination of many small behaviors which, over time, tear away at the relationship.

It Is Often Undramatic

As opposed to what you might see in the movies, the last straw might also not be so dramatic. In fact, it might come in the form of a feeling or thought as opposed to a major event or fight. It can, in fact, simply be an inward realization that you no longer want to work on a particular issue with someone anymore; an issue that may have been ongoing for years; For example, frustration at getting the ‘silent treatment’ for the 500th time and deciding you’ve had enough.

It Can Surprise Those around the Couple

The last straw may also very well be a surprise in terms of social media presence. Some couples have their social media presence so well managed that the law straw, and therefore the divorce, may very well come out of nowhere for those who know them.

It Can Be the First Step of Grieving the Relationship

When the final straw comes for one person before the other, it often means that that person has the chance to grieve the end of the relationship before the other. This grief can often present itself as becoming emotionally detached from the other person. 

Contact Our Texas Family Law Attorneys to Find Out More

Although no every divorce comes in the context of ‘the law straw’ situation, divorce is often nothing short of life-changing, but if you work with the right people, it can feel like it is forward moving for you and your loved ones. Contact our Brownsville family law attorneys at Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer, L.L.P. today to find out how we help couples get through this difficult process and everything that comes with it, from property division, to child custody and support, to spousal maintenance.

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