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New “Services” That Can Make Coordinating with Your Ex After Divorce Easier (And Less Problematic, Legally)


In August, our Texas family law attorneys will often see the number of divorce filings increase. While going through divorce can be overwhelming — especially for a couple that is also trying to co-parent children — In the midst of what can be a stressful time, there are a number of new services available to help make this easier for you, as we discuss below:

Keeping Track Of Kids’ Schedules & Coordinating Finances

OurFamilyWizard is an app that provides you with an interactive calendar to help keep track of who has the children on what days, including holidays. It also offers expense logs so that two parents can coordinate on expenses, reimbursements, invoices, and receipts. There are also sections where you can store emergency contacts, schedules, medical histories, insurance, and other important information and the app provides you with a secure message board, where you can communicate with the other parent. The feature even includes a “tone meter” that can help to flag any language that may be legally problematic before you send it.

coParenter is another app that helps parents send notifications to each other while also ideally avoiding conflicts. For example, these notifications can be sent when the child is picked up and dropped off at school. Requests can also be sent to the other parent in case schedules need to be adjusted and, if a conflict arises, there is it live on-demand mediation coaching feature. In addition, if the other parent does not want to use the app, there is a “solo mode” option that still allows one parent to take advantage of  the app’s benefits while sending messages to the non-participating parent via a separate SMS phone number.

AppClose is another co-parenting app that features similar benefits, such as the ability to manage kids’ schedules and send drop off requests, as well as time- and date-stamped messages; the difference between AppClose and the others being that AppClose is completely free. TalkingParents helps people who are co-parenting to communicate by recording the exchanges, which are also date- and time-stamped. As a result, these messages are admissible in court. It also allows you to keep a journal with notes that will not be shared with the other parent.

Navigating Child Support, Divorce, And Moving On

SupportPay is specifically geared towards helping you manage alimony and child support payments, and  also allows the paying spouse to view receipts and track what child support money is being spent on.

Mend is focused on providing a “personal coach for the brokenhearted” and advertises itself as helping you recover from the end of your relationship. It offers training sessions with titles such as ‘rediscovering yourself after divorce’ and classes on topics such as how to manage your finances after your divorce.

Divorceify was created to help people navigate divorce proceedings by helping match them with attorneys, mediators, therapists, and other professionals that may be necessary for the process.

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