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The Challenge For Tesla As Fatal Texas Crash Threatens Product Liability Suits


Tesla is facing a serious challenge in Texas. The fatal crash that claimed two lives is becoming a global news story, and new questions are being asked about the safety of these electric cars. We still don’t have all the details about how this crash happened, but it seems as though the car itself is at least partly to blame. Tesla seems to have dodged plenty of product liability lawsuits in the past, but how long will this last?

Companies such as Tesla stand a much better chance of reaching a favorable legal outcome if they work with qualified, experienced corporate defense attorneys. Tesla undoubtedly has a team of skilled attorneys who are ready to deal with these issues at a moment’s notice.

How Product Liability Lawsuits Work in Texas

Texas is one of the many states that follows a doctrine of “strict liability.” This means that negligence isn’t really a factor in product liability cases, and plaintiffs can file claims as long as the product has defects that have caused harm. As long as causation can be established between the product defects and the damages suffered by the plaintiffs, the product manufacturer or designer can be held liable.

The Details of the Tesla Crash are Worrying  

Details of the fatal Tesla crash in Texas continue to emerge, and these details are anything but reassuring. A local fire authority believes that the impact may have ignited the car’s battery cell, causing a serious fire. Perhaps the most worrying detail is the fact that according to widespread reports, no one was actually in the driver’s seat at the time of the crash. One passenger was in the back seat, and one was in the passenger seat. This means that the only possible explanation is that the car’s “autopilot” feature was in use at the time of the crash.

Tesla has adamantly denied these claims. In their defense, the auto manufacturer states that the steering wheel was deformed, which means that someone must have been in the driver’s seat at the time of the crash. This key piece of information will likely have a massive impact on any future product liability lawsuits. If these men were relying on the autopilot feature to keep them safe only to be driven into a tree at high speeds, questions will be asked about the safety of these features. This is hardly the first time Tesla’s autopilot feature has been scrutinized.

Why a Qualified Team of Corporate Defense Attorneys Matter  

In these situations, it really comes down to whether Tesla can enlist the help of an experienced, qualified team of corporate defense attorneys who actually understand the finer points of product liability law in Texas.

If your corporation is dealing with a product liability claim, reach out today to the Brownsville commercial litigation attorneys at Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer, L.L.P. We can help you pursue a favorable legal outcome in the most efficient way possible.




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