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Patrick Horton and Sondra Slappey v. Williams, et. al.

Partner Jaime Saenz, along with Jesse Quezada of the Quezada Law Firm, defended a personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of Patrick Horton and Sondra Slappey. The personal injury lawsuit arose from a traffic accident in which the Plaintiffs Patrick Horton and Sondra Slappey, riding their bicycles, were struck by a vehicle driven by Defendant Williams on South Padre Island, Texas, on October 24, 2013. The Plaintiffs asserted claims of respondeat superior, negligent entrustment, and gross negligence against the Defendants. The Plaintiffs contended that Defendant Williams was an employee of the other Defendants and further that a vehicle owned by Defendant had been negligently entrusted to her. Defendants contended Defendant Williams was an independent contractor and that the subject vehicle was not negligently entrusted to her as she had a good driving record. The Defendant Williams’ negligence in causing the accident and resultant injuries to the Plaintiffs was not in dispute. Both Plaintiffs suffered serious injuries, with claims that the Plaintiff Horton suffered a permanent traumatic brain injury. The Plaintiffs’ claims of future loss of earning capacity and future medical expenses was contested. After a five day trial, and shortly before closing statements, the parties reached a settlement agreement on August 22, 2016.

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