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Feliciano Bazan v. Sable Environmental, LLC, Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Timco, Inc.,  Cameron, Inc., Eliseo Quinones, and Rickey Thompson.  Cause No. 15-04-12573-DCVAJA

Partners Jaime Saenz and Alison Kennamer defended company man Rickey Thompson in a personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of Feliciano Bazan in the 365th Judicial District Court in Dimmitt County, Texas. The Plaintiff Feliciano Bazan sustained a traumatic brain injury on April 18, 2015 while working as a floor hand for Orion Drilling Company, LLC on the Saltwater Disposal Well Engler No. 3 in Dimmit County, Texas. Specifically, a casing separation blowout occurred due to excess pressure that built up downhole.  Before the trial, all the Defendants except Mr. Thompson settled with the Plaintiff Bazan.  Liability and the extent of damages was contested. The defense of the case for Mr. Thompson centered on the negligence of the employer of Mr. Bazan, Orion Drilling Company, LLC, in failing to conduct a Job Safety Analysis and in failing to have either an alarm or pop off valve in the TOTCO monitoring system of the drilling equipment, which would have either warned or shut off the drilling equipment due to excess pressure build up.  The damages defense of the case was focused on the fact that Mr. Bazan, while having suffered a traumatic brain injury, was on his way to recovery and would likely be employable in the future.  Plaintiff’s sought damages from the jury in excess of $19 Million. The jury returned a verdict after a five day trial on October 31, 2016 of $1,929,468.00.  The jury assessed Mr. Thompson with 30% comparative responsibility and Orion Drilling Company, LLC with 70% comparative responsibility.  Due to the significant settlement credit well in excess of the comparative responsibility of Mr. Thompson, a take nothing Judgment was entered in favor of Mr. Thompson.

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