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When faced with legal action, some companies hire a law firm to represent them in litigation, only to find out when the case goes to trial, that they need to find a different law firm to actually take the case into the courtroom. Not all litigators try cases. At Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P., our litigators are in trial every day, representing clients in the most serious cases under the most difficult of circumstances… and achieving excellent results. Our South Texas litigation attorneys serve clients in Brownsville, Edinburg and throughout the Rio Grande Valley, Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. represents clients in all of the following matters:

Products Liability – Products liability claims are some of the most complex and involved among injury claims, and with legal theories such as strict products liability and courtrooms filled with unsympathetic juries, manufacturers may feel like the cards are stacked against them. Our attorneys understand how to thoroughly investigate the facts of the case and build a strong defense. The firm’s products liability defense practice includes automotive products liability, medical device litigation, and more.

Insurance Coverage – Insurance contracts and policies are among the most complex and intricate legal documents. Insurers must pay valid claims to satisfy their customers, while also ensuring they pay only valid claims to satisfy their shareholders. Good faith disputes over coverage and liability can arise. Whether insurer or insured, we know how to review and interpret complicated insurance policies and help the courts understand your position.

Insurance Defense – When coverage is disclaimed or denied, or benefits paid do not match the insured’s expectations, a not uncommon reaction is to sue, alleging that the insurer was acting unreasonably in bad faith. Our firm defends insurance carriers against these unfounded allegations and strives to demonstrate how the insurer’s actions were reasonable and well within the accepted range of legal norms.

Commercial Litigation – The lawyers at Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. are experienced in representing all sizes and types of companies in breach of contract claims, business torts, shareholder and partnership disputes, intellectual property and labor and employment law matters.

Trucking Defense – Damages in a trucking accident case can be high, and plaintiff’s lawyers are always eager to take on a trucking accident case and go after the perceived deep pockets of a trucking company and their insurer. We take a systematic approach that looks closely at the actual facts of the case and not just popular perceptions to determine where the fault actually lies, and to keep our clients from being saddled with liability for an accident that was not their fault.

Contract Disputes & Breach of Contract Claims – Whether oral or written, express or implied, a contract of some sort lies at the heart of every business transaction and every commercial relationship. When disputes inevitably arise, our attorneys are experienced in reviewing and interpreting contracts terms, and applying those terms to the facts of the case. We represent parties in contract disputes across the full range of industries and occupations most prevalent in south Texas.

Family Law – While obtaining a dissolution of marriage is not a particularly difficult matter, the issues which are decided in a divorce can be very complicated and highly-litigated, with the results affecting families for years to come. We provide strong representation in divorce and child custody matters in Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley, making sure clients’ rights and interests are protected in matters such as the division of marital property and the payment of spousal maintenance.


Toxic Torts – Toxic torts rank among the costliest claims to property owners and businesses, who may be forced not only to compensate individuals for alleged harm but also to remediate suspected contaminants, which can be a vastly expensive process. We work to understand the science behind any toxic tort claim along with the legal issues presented, to make sure our clients are not branded with liability based on fears or popular misconceptions.

Professional Negligence – Professionals facing claims of negligence or malpractice are potentially facing more than a monetary damages award levied against them; their reputation, professional license and ability to practice their chosen profession may be on the line as well. We help professionals protect the practice they have spent a lifetime to build up, and help them keep their reputations intact despite unfounded yet harmful allegations of negligence or misconduct.

Violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act – Texas has a strong, consumer-oriented deceptive practices law, and business found guilty of violation of the Texas DTPA can be forced to pay treble damages and attorney’s fees to a successful plaintiff. Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the law and have handled a wide range of cases under the DTPA.

South Texas Litigation – No matter the subject, from civil litigation to criminal defense, from bankruptcies to probate and will contests, the trial attorneys at Colvin, Saenz, Rodriguez & Kennamer L.L.P. are well-equipped to take on your matter and provide representation in court. Call 956-542-7441 to arrange a consultation at our offices in Brownsville or Edinburg.

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